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How to apply for a work-visa?

Once you are offered a position, you may obtain a Z (work) or F (Business) visa from the Chinese embassy/consulate nearest you on the official invitations by the Chinese school and the State Bureau of Foreign Experts.

However,if you want to choose a position after you visited the school.We recommend you applying for a tourist visa (L) to come to China, so that you get a full knowledge about the school and commit to a school.We would not want you stuck in a bad deal.The school will then arrange all the necessary paperwork and will have your visa upgraded to a work or business visa after you sign the contract.

Does UCE help teachers acquire work visas?

UCE is a recruiting agency and therefore does not sponsor your visa unless you work for UCE. But for the school of your choice, UCE will make sure that your employer will have all of your papers for your visa application.

What is the difference between a tourist visa and a work visa?

A tourist visa allows a foreigner to travel to China, but it does not permit a foreigner to work in China. To obtain a work visa, a foreigner has to be sponsored by a Chinese company or organization. Upgrading a tourist visa to a work or business visa is a normal procedure in China.

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