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What are the apartments like in the school?

Most teachers have their own apartment with necessary working and living conditions: bed, furniture, fully equiped kitchen, washing machine, refrigerator, hot shower, TV, , telephone, in some cases computer with Internet access, etc.), though in some cases you will have to share accommodation with another foreign teacher.

Do teachers have a Chinese teaching assistant?

Things vary from school to school. The rule of thumb is that the older the student, the less likely you will be provided with a teaching assistant. Private schools and kindergardens will in most cases, however, assign a T.A. to help you teach, translate and maintain order.

What available resources are offered to the foreign teacher by their schools?

Most of our contact schools supply every teacher with textbooks. Moreover, in some schools you will find a cassette player, overhead projector, computer and a projector. Normally, the head office also has computers, with internet access. It is therefore important that you have a creative imagination and use any available teaching resource to your disposal.

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