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What kind of service does your organization provide for teachers?

Our organization is devoted to introduce English teachers to Chinese schools and other educational institutes. Those who are interested in teaching in schools of China can contact UCE directly. We will contact you as soon as we see a good offer from our contact schools.

We can also be an intermediary between you and the school at any time. The purpose of the service is to assist those who are interested in teaching English in China to locate positions at Chinese colleges/universities and private institutions.

Offers will be provided as we have been entrusted by many universities and schools in providing them with experienced and capable foreign teachers. We advise on contract issues between the teacher and the schools; provide pick-up service from the airport; and so on. Many of the things we do to insure that you are at ease.

Should you have any problems with your employer, contact us and if it cannot be resolved amicably, you can always return to our main office and we will find you a more suitable position. You will have the security of being assured not only a job but a choice of jobs, and have the piece of mind that you will always have a place to turn to in times of need. Very few other agencies in China will provide these kinds of services to you.

What kind of positions can you recommend?

We can recommend English teachers who are interested in our teaching programs to teach in schools or other institutes. You will have the chance to talk to the different schools directly and make a more informed and considered decision, all of this with our staff to give any advice or guidance needed.

Does UCE help its teachers come to China?

We would ask you to book a ticket to China yourself, but from the moment you arrive in China, we will make sure that your stay will be as memorable and comfortable as possible.

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